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New GVHT Attunements & Healing Sessions

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    Snow Quartz Deva Purity Essence £20
    Founder: Raine Hilton


    As we journey through life, over the years we steadily become weighed down by the negative energy of our experiences, expectations, and responsibilities. Each of these leaves imprints within our auric field that go on to trigger our reactive nature to stimuli from future similar events and issues.

    No matter how often we use positive affirmations, and set goals or resolutions for the future, if our auric field is clogged up with negative energy we are likely to drift off course or self-sabotage our best efforts. It is a little like taking a shower and then dressing in dirty clothes again.

    As part of our journey, we will experience all manner of hurtful situations where we are betrayed and let down by those who should care for us. We may experience traumatic events such as the bereavement of a loved one, divorce, losing our home or job, struggle with finances, as well as a whole host of physical health issues, accidents, illnesses and mental and emotional imbalances.

    Each of these leave imprints within us that cloud our view of who we truly are and what we are capable of achieving in life. We forget our true soul nature and can become ground down by our life down here. Snow Quartz Deva Purity Essence will gently cleanse each of your chakras and the layers of your auric field. She will bring to the surface anything in need of recognition, healing and release.

    As the source of this energy stream, The Snow Quartz Deva emits a gentle, nurturing feminine energy that will balance your yin and yang energies and align your chakras. She is known to bring about healing in a way that is loving, nurturing and patient. 

    This crystalline energy will activate your crown chakra, and help you connect with your higher self and spirit guides. The Snow Quartz Crystal Deva’s healing energies will help you cast aside your burdens. She will show you how you can let go of self-limitations.

    She will remind you to view the world with the heart and through the eyes of a child, but with the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of an adult. She will help you overcome your victimhood and martyrdom. This will give you the support that you need while you’re learning your life lessons.

    Birth land Reconnection Portal £15
    Founder: Raine Hilton

    There are certain places we can connect to that open up energy portals to greater healing and reconnection in our life. One of these is to our Birth Land Place; this is the exact place we came into this world.

    When we incarnated into our current physical body, a vast quantity of powerful light flowed through with us acting as our anchor to the physical world. This carries our energy signature to and from our place among the stars.

    Working with Goddess Freya, at any time we can reconnect to this renewing energy and gain strength and grounding form it. This energy can help you if you feel you have lost your sense of direction, your flow through life, if you are ungrounded, or need to reconnect to your Divine Celestial Blueprint for this lifetime.

    Where we come from among the stars is a place of pure love, of pure light and endless potential, we agree to the roles we wish to play in our present incarnation along with accepting all of the challenges and gifts along the way.

    It seems so easy and free flowing from a higher perspective but once we incarnate we become blindsided by our emotional and mental state, by the programming of others, the media, our surroundings etc and it dulls our light. It confuses us, makes us frustrated, angry, upset and our true purpose for being here becomes tamped down by the daily grind of life down here.

    From an adult’s perspective it is challenging enough, but from a child’s perspective it is so much more confusing as they are used to living by another set of rules, ones that work for the highest good of everyone, and playing the game down here is often very different as we know.

    Crystal wave children struggle with what they know to be right and what others want for them and from them, often these are not the same which causes conflict. So this makes this energy system perfect for children as well as adults to access.

    This allows all of our needs to be honoured and our spiritual journey supported when the light from our Birth Land is harmonised and integrated within us, so we can walk with a foot in both realms as we are all guided to do.

    Yggdrasil Alignment £15

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This energy aids in connecting you to and allowing you to work with Yggdrasil the Norse Tree of Life. The tree includes all of the nine worlds that are part of the Norse view of the cosmos.
    Yggdrasil is an ash tree in which all of the worlds nestle among the branches and roots. This includes the world of humans and those of the Gods.
    The World Tree is in essence the heart of all things and being aligned with this gives access to an energetic stream of inner knowledge and understanding.
    Once connected you may at any time align yourself with the tree and in essence download information in a subtle sense.
    The Nine Worlds (Old Norse Níu Heimar) are the homelands of the various types of beings found in the pre-Christian worldview of the Norse and other Germanic peoples. They’re held in the branches and roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil.

    1. Midgard, the world of humanity
    2. Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods and goddesses
    3. Vanaheim, the world of the Vanir tribe of gods and goddesses
    4. Jotunheim, the world of the giants
    5. Niflheim, the primordial world of ice
    6. Muspelheim, the primordial world of fire
    7. Alfheim, the world of the elves
    8. Nidavellir/Svartalfheim, the world of the dwarves
    9. Hel, the world of the eponymous goddess Hel and the dead

    Archangel Seraphiel Purification Flame £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Archangel Seraphiel can be called upon to help us cleanse and purify our lives and help overcome any addictions, negative cycles or character traits that are distracting us from achieving our pure potential

    Seraphiel is named for their mission as the chief of the seraphim angelic choir, the order of angels that is closest to God. Seraphiel is known as the angel of purification because they emanate the fire of pure devotion to God that burns away negativity.

    Angels work as God's messengers to people, when the seraphim communicates messages; the effect is intense because of their extreme passion. Seraphiel inspires people to become inflamed with God's pure love.

    Archangel Seraphiel resonates with moon magic, tides, seasons, and the phases of life. This archangel angel is known as the “fiery one” because no impurities can withstand his purifying flames.

    When you meditate on any impurities, addictions or negative cycles of behaviour, Seraphiel can help you cleanse and purify them. They can support you in ridding yourself of any harmful substances and energies that are a hindrance to your life.

    Back to School Crystal Support Healing Session £39

    School is a big part of life, so it’s important to feel happy there. If your child is feeling scared or anxious about going back to school, there are things you can help them with to make it better.

    It doesn’t matter if this is their very first day at school or if they are beginning back in their final year, change of any kind can be a daunting prospect for some children.

    School Concerns

    However they’re feeling, it’s natural to be worried about:

    • What the school will be like when they go back
    • Catching up with work and preparing for exams
    • Seeing friends again, coping with peer pressure, or being bullied
    • Getting used to a new routine, or coping away from home
    • Meeting and working with new teachers
    • They might also be worried about problems at home.

    Although throughout our lives we have to get used to constantly adapting to change, and this includes school life we can ease this transition by working with crystalline energies designed to target key problem areas and worries associated specifically with school life.
    The goal of this healing session is to look at 6 Key areas of your child’s well-being at school. To do this I will be working with 6 corresponding crystal energies which will gently flow through their energy system helping them to adjust to their new school day.

    Crystalline Energy Healing

    Moonstone: The crystal of new beginnings, helping to accept change to their daily routine.
    Rose Quartz: This crystal alleviates any feelings of abandonment, promotes new friendships, and brings them a feeling of safety and comfort while they are away from you
    Fluorite: This crystal improves awareness, concentration levels, and absorption of new concepts and information
    Amethyst: This crystal reduces fear and anxiety and improves their natural intuition as to what is or isn’t in their best interest.
    Carnelian: This crystal aids mental efficiency and the ability to learn, it also works to calm the “butterflies in the tummy” first day back feeling
    Obsidian: This crystal provides powerful protection against unwanted negative attention.

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