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Kabbalah Healing



I have studied Kabbalah for many years and I can certainly testify as to its impressive healing and life-changing qualities. Many times I have witnessed situations miraculously turn around for myself and others.

Kabbalah scanning and healing goes directly to the root cause of the problem helping you to confront and resolve the blockages or issues that are holding you back or causing you to repeat negative cycles of behaviour. Sometimes these may have taken root at an earlier stage in your current lifetime, while in other cases the roots bury much deeper and go further back into previous lifetimes.

I have for a long time incorporated Kabbalah God Name scanning into healing sessions, but I wanted to develop this into a specific healing modality of its own, as I felt it had much more to give as a healing and teaching tool. With the help of our Kabbalistic Spiritual Guide, Abna, I have worked this into a simple yet highly effective healing system, which goes beyond just an ordinary healing session, encouraging you to continue working with the energies on your own afterwards, making it an integral part of your life.

Kabbalah doesn’t wave a magic wand instantly transforming your life without any work on your part, although sometimes that can happen if the circumstances are right. More often it will bring to your attention areas of your psyche which you need to work on; cycles of negative behaviour to break, or blockages that need releasing. Quite often it is how we interpret the world around us, and from this, how we choose to react to these circumstances and the people involved that colour our experience of life.

The keyword here is react – this speaks of a response that is primal and instinctive, often we lash out if we are afraid or threatened or perceive something that could be threatening to our wellbeing or pushing us out of our comfort zone. This automatically prevents us from taking the time to calmly evaluate the situation and choose how we wish to respond instead. This is being proactive instead of reactive.

Few situations give us true cause for the fight, flight or freeze reaction if we are truly honest. When we take the time to breathe and step back for a moment we can consider all possible options. We then have the opportunity to choose the response which will work best for the greater good of all concerned. When we do this we not only uplift and bring light to others but to ourselves too.

Kabbalah teaches us that a series of curtains separates us from the light and with each positive and proactive action we pull a curtain down revealing a little more light. It does become easier the more often you consciously choose to respond in this way.

By scanning the Kabbalah God Names you can work more in-depth with a particular issue that is troubling you. Each of the three letters in a Name has a particular function. The first is a positive charge, the second a negative charge and the third a grounding wire, forming a circuit of energy that is transmitted directly to your soul. The sacred sequences of letters that comprise the Names are activated visually. The flow of energy is transferred directly to you when your eyes behold the shapes of the Names.

  • Your session will last for 90 minutes
  • When using Kabbalah in healing I will first diagnose your chakra system and auric field, scanning for any blockages or problems.
  • I will enclose you within a crystal energy grid using the Star of David formation to protect you and to contain the energy we build together.
  • I then tune into your 7 main chakras and allow myself to be guided to the Kabbalah God Names that will help to heal and rebalance each of your chakras
  • Using a Kabbalah stone over each chakra I will scan that Name’s energy deep into your chakra. Where there are blockages or issues this will give me greater insight into how I can help you.
    I will then scan the sacred God Names for the rest of your body, these include Skull, Right Brain, Left Brain, Right Eye, Left Eye, Right Ear, Left Ear, Nose, Mouth, Right Arm, Left Arm, Body, Right Leg, Left Leg, Reproductive Organs, and Feet.
  • I will also share any intuitive information and guidance I receive from my Guides
  • You will be sent images of the cards used so if you wish to you can continue the scanning process yourself. This will also include a mantra you can repeat during your daily meditations until the situation is fully resolved.
  • I then complete the session by sealing your aura using an ethereal red string to protect you against negative energy and influence.
  • This includes full email feedback and a photo of your chosen cards from the session for you to continue to work with during your daily meditation.

With this healing session, I like the client to be as active and involved as possible because being proactive is at the very heart of Kabbalah teachings. Healing is very much a two-way thing and it is only when we are willing to take over the reins of our own health and wellbeing, rather than handing them to someone else when the going gets tough that we see true and lasting results. This is because by making the changes ourselves we are sending a powerful signal to our subconscious mind that we are ready to be accountable for our actions and willing to make the changes that are needed to walk our soul path. Kabbalah God Names are the building blocks of the universe, so in essence, we are reprogramming our very DNA each time we scan them.

All feedback will be sent by email as a Word Document so we both have a permanent record of what has happened to refer back to if needed. During your session, I will enter into a deep trance meditation and journey into the astral realms so I will not be able to communicate with you vocally. For this reason, I do not use the phone or Skype as it would keep pulling me back into this world and weakening the connection between our higher self aspects. 


What is Kabbalah Healing?

Put simply, it is a healing modality that utilises the power of Kabbalah God-Name Scanning. Kabbalah itself is a very complex subject and is a branch of Jewish mysticism. It is a system that in a sense runs alongside mainstream Judaism. Most Jewish people have little or no interest in this esoteric form. However, that being said, it is something akin to a scientific study being placed alongside religious belief and doctrine, neither has to be pursued, each works in its own way and yet also together.

To use The power inherent in Kabbalah God Names, you do not need to believe in either Judaism or even in Kabbalah, because this is, in essence, a science and as such negates the need for belief. I myself am not Jewish and yet love using this powerful energy system, which like numbers are akin to the building blocks of the universe. You will find Kabbalah spoken of and used in many magickal systems including ceremonial and High Magick and it is often linked with the 22 major Tarot cards or Tarot Trumps.


Where do the 72 names come from?

They come from verses 19-21 from Chapter 13 in the Book of Exodus in The Torah, which comprises the first five books of The Hebrew Bible.  The 72 names were arrived at by ancient scholars taking the Tetragrammaton name of God and using numerology in order to derive the end number of 72. The verses are writtendown one beneath the other from right to left without spaces. This then gives us the tablet of 72 names of God. As a powerful script, we need only think of the fact that these are the very words attributed to Moses, who was said to have received them directly from God 4000 years ago.


More than healing

This energy stream is far more than simply another healing technique, it’s a set of 72 different elements and as such can be taken out and used either in isolation or in the desired sequence, depending on the particular need or desired outcome.

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your session and payment in full

Kabbalah Healing Session£65