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Angelic Soul Care

This 90-minute healing session combines two of my most popular Angelic systems.

First, we will begin by aligning you to the energy of your personal Angel Guide who will inspire, share their wisdom and gently assist you in your spiritual journey.

The second part of the session will bring through the perfect Angelic Light codes for where you are in your life now. These will help you
break through any self-limiting blockages.

Your 90-minute healing session will include:

Angel Blessing

This first part of the session will align you to the energetic signature of your individual Angel Guide. Once your Angel is assigned to you they will have access to all the information held in your etheric template for this incarnation that they will need to guide you along your soul path. They will be aware of any karmic agreements and life goals you made before your incarnation, as well as other members of your soul group. They can then guide you towards the right people, situations and places to help you attain your life goals.

Your Angel will gently guide and assist you in being open to the flow of inspiration and synchronicity, and it is in these magical moments your consciousness can make quantum leaps in how you perceive life and in the decisions you make. Your Angel Guide will come from one of the Archangelic Legions. For example, my Angel Guide is with the Legion of Archangel Raphael because of the healing and guidance work I do with my clients. Depending on your life path you will be drawn to an Angel best suited to you.

Everything works on vibrational frequencies so you will get the assistance you need according to your lifestyle and life plan. The Archangels each have their own special areas, talents and roles to play so the Angel you are assigned will work within that particular skill set.

Angelic Crystal Light Code Activation
Now we move onto the second half of your session by calling in and calibrating the exact vibrational frequency Angelic crystalline light codes for you. These Light Codes will assist you in releasing any blockages preventing you from connecting with the Angels. These energies channelled from the earth crystal matrix grid will create a bridge from our earthly realm to the Angelic one. When we are fully in tune with the earth, grounded in our own realm, we can provide a strong anchor for the Angelic Crystalline Light codes to flow through to us from the crystal grids existing in the higher realms and dimensions. We can tap into this pure source of high vibrational energy knowing we are safely grounded. The problem with many high vibrational energy systems is that they can leave the student feeling ungrounded and cut off from their day to day life in the physical. With this system, we are like trees with our roots deeply embedded in the earth and with our branches stretching upwards to the Angelic Realm.

What I need from you:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • A little about yourself, for example; what area of your spiritual development would you like to focus on, any problems you may have relating to this or to integrating your spirituality into your daily life.
All feedback will be sent by email as a Word Document so we both have a permanent record of what has happened to refer back to if needed. During your session, I will enter into a deep shamanic trance meditation and journey into the astral realms so I will not be able to communicate with you vocally. For this reason, I do not use the phone or Skype as it would keep pulling me back into this world and weakening my connection to both of our higher self aspects. 

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your session and payment in full
Angelic Guide Blessing & Light Encoding Healing Session