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Anxiety Care

  • Do you suffer from excessive shyness and unease around strangers and peers that becomes so extreme that it interferes with normal social development?
  • Do you avoid or dread situations like public speaking, eating or writing in public?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety/panic attacks; palpitations or accelerated heart rate; chest pains or discomfort; choking or smothering sensations; dizziness; unsteady feelings or faintness?
  • Do you spend more than an hour a day being involved in obsessions and compulsions; recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses or images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate and cause marked anxiety and distress?
  • Is anxiety disturbing your sleeping patterns?

Anxiety is a condition affecting many people, especially in today’s hectic pressure filled society filled with responsibilities and expectations. Very few of us have escaped its debilitating clutches. Anxiety is a natural response to particular situations which in the short term, keeps us vigilant and alert. In the long term it works against us by quickly reducing the quality of our attention and performance, eroding our self-esteem and confidence. Anxiety is a complex condition which is unique to the individual and often made up of a combination of emotions such as: anger, shame, guilt or sadness all mixed in with their fear. Anxiety and feelings of stress are symptoms, a response to pressure – the more intolerable or persistent the pressure, the worse the anxiety. And this does not necessarily mean a single, overwhelming difficulty. More often it is an accumulation of things.

This healing session seeks to address all of the following elements:

To become body aware, tuned into your anxiety and to determine where and how it originated and what continues to trigger it. This will help to shine a light into the dark corners of your mind bringing you clarity and courage.

To flush your energetic system of negative side effects that has built up through your fear and anxiety based blockages and to cleanse and strengthen your entire auric field and improve your ability to release and ground negative energy effectively and draw in new healing energy as needed.

To improve your body’s ability to self heal in accordance with your karmic blueprint for life, and to discover and embrace the gifts your situation has brought to you. It will give resilience in the face of difficulty and help you to overcome the fear of failure. This energy will assist you during painful times of transformation and change.

We will be working with these etheric crystalline energies to support you on your healing journey:

Moldavite: shines a light into the dark corners of your mind, bringing you the gifts of clarity and courage

Malachite: assists during painful times of transformation, helping you to willing embrace positive changes.

Hematite: imbues you with resilience in the face of difficulty, and helps you to overcome fear of failure.

Emerald: eases an emotional state which has become rooted in fear of loss or through grief.

This session is also suitable for those suffering from: Social Anxiety Disorder - Generalised Anxiety Disorder -  Panic Disorder - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder -  Separation Anxiety Disorder

This includes full email feedback after your session 
All feedback will be sent by email as a Word Document so we both have a permanent record of what has happened to refer back to if needed. During your session I will enter into a deep trance meditation and journey into the astral realms so I will not be able to communicate with you vocally. For this reason I do not use the phone or Skype as it would keep pulling me back into this world and weakening the connection between our higher self aspects. 

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your session and payment in full
 Individual  session  £45 
Book 4 or more sessions and save 15%