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    Copper Essence Pain Flush £7.99 Special Offer!

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Copper has long been known as an important healing tool for those who suffer pain; this makes it a perfect energy essence to work with for healing ourselves and others. There are inscriptions and several recorded versions of the usage of copper in this regard from early civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians. Copper can be used to stabilise and balance the flow of blood within the body; helping to adjust circulatory functions. It can be helpful in healing wounds and fighting bacterial infections. Naturally, it is useful in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism, and stimulate the metabolic processes.

    Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit energy. Known as an energy conductor copper can move energy, amplify thoughts, assist in channelling and communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper has the ability to ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual to the physical. Copper is known to support healing by keeping the pathways for healing open.

    Eyebright Clarity Essence £7.99 Special Offer!

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Eyebright has traditionally been used to treat all manner of eye maladies including; inflammation, conjunctivitis, red-eye, styes, itchy eyes, stinging eyes and weak vision. Not only will it provide relief and reduce any inflammation, but it’s also incredibly relaxing for your eyes to defocus after being on high alert all day long. With this energy system, we will be working with the Etheric essence of this plant by connecting to the Eyebright Faery Deva who will aid the healing process at a deep cellular level.

    In ancient folklore, you would carry Eyebright flowers if you wanted to enhance your psychic powers or to know if someone was telling the truth. Folk names attached to these wildflowers are, "Christ's Eyes" and "Christ's Sight". Eyebright not only works on the health aspect of your eyes but also opens up your perceptions and natural intuitive abilities. Eyebright is a Faery Flower that will align you to the Fey Realms, helping those who are receptive to see them clairvoyantly and sometimes even physically.

    Inner Warrior Empowerment £7.99 Special Offer!

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you ever find yourself missing out on important opportunities?

    Have you ever wanted to go somewhere or try something new but your fear held you back?

    Are you trapped in a situation, relationship or job you are eager to escape from?

    Do you wonder if you have what it takes to enable you to be strong and courageous and have unshakable self-belief in order to achieve your dreams?

    Perhaps you feel as if you don’t have the time or energy, or it would never happen anyway.

    We often find ourselves living our lives in the same way as our parents or friends even though we secretly yearn to do something different, something new, bold or daring. Even if you have obligations and others are reliant on you, there is still time to nurture your dreams too.

    It takes real strength and motivation to put your goals into action, to stand up for what you believe in and to make huge life changes. But, only you can do it. Your life doesn’t have to be the way it is. By putting some simple strategies to work along with this easy to use energy system you can easily empower your inner warrior and make your dreams a reality.

    Magnetic Abundance Ray £7.99 Special Offer!

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Have you set your intentions, done your inner clearing and healing work but are still wondering why your dreams aren’t manifesting?

    This is not unusual and happens to everyone from time to time. Hitting a block on your path is an important mile marker on any journey and a sign that you’ve reached a place within you, sometimes an energy block, other times a particularly negative mindset or emotional state, which you need to investigate more deeply. So often we have blocks about allowing ourselves to have, receive and earn money as if money is a bad thing. What if you were to allow yourself to receive so much that you could help many people with your generosity? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

    Money gives freedom, choice and opportunity. Money is energy. There’s no reason why you can’t allow the universe to bring more of that energy into your life so you and all those around you can benefit.  So why not raise your vibration to allow the universe to send you unlimited abundance. By working with this energy and following the three-step process you will become a magnet for abundance in all its forms. Just be mindful that you focus on what you actually want and not on what you don’t want to attract!


    Security and Comfort Energy Shield £7.99 Special Offer!

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    This is a simple yet highly effective energy system designed to give your child a sense of security and comfort while they are apart from you. This could be used for when they are sleeping or away at school or some other place that makes them feel insecure.

    When a child forms a close attachment with a specific toy or a blanket that they find distressing to be parted from, this energy can help to replace the feeling of comfort and security they derive from it. This attachment is part familiarity and part scent, but a bigger aspect is actually down to the empathic energetic build-up they have created with it over time This is a particular resonance that symbolises their connection with their parent, or home, or another place they feel safe.

    As a parent to 3 children I understand the powerful connection a child builds with their possessions and how much they complain once their beloved toy or blanket has been through the wash and doesn’t “feel the same anymore”. Or, even worse, if the horror of horrors, that item has been lost! This attunement system works by mimicking the same energetic vibrational resonance, allowing you to either form it as a shield or bubble around them or to program it into an existing toy, new one or other item.

    Lifestyle Care Systems

     Anxiety Care  £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you suffer from excessive shyness and unease around strangers and peers that becomes so extreme that it interferes with normal social development?

    Do you avoid or dread situations like public speaking, eating or writing in public?

    Do you suffer from anxiety/panic attacks; palpitations or accelerated heart rate; chest pains or discomfort; choking or smothering sensations; dizziness; unsteady feelings or faintness?

    Do you spend more than an hour a day being involved in obsessions and compulsions; recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses or images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate and cause marked anxiety and distress?

    Is anxiety disturbing your sleeping patterns?

    Anxiety is a condition affecting many people, especially in today’s hectic pressure-filled society filled with responsibilities and expectations. Very few of us have escaped its debilitating clutches. Anxiety is a natural response to particular situations which in the short term, keeps us vigilant and alert. In the long term, it works against us by quickly reducing the quality of our attention and performance, eroding our self-esteem and confidence. Anxiety is a complex condition that is unique to the individual and often made up of a combination of emotions such as anger, shame, guilt or sadness all mixed in with their fear. Anxiety and feelings of stress are symptoms, a response to pressure – the more intolerable or persistent the pressure, the worse the anxiety. And this does not necessarily mean a single, overwhelming difficulty. More often it is an accumulation of things.

    This energy system seeks to address all of the following elements:

    • To become body aware, tuned into your anxiety and to determine where and how it originated and what continues to trigger it. This will help to shine a light into the dark corners of your mind bringing you clarity and courage.
    • To flush your energetic system of negative side effects that have built up through your fear and anxiety based blockages to cleanse and strengthen your entire auric field and improve your ability to release and ground negative energy effectively and draw in new healing energy as needed.
    • To improve your body’s ability to self heal in accordance with your karmic blueprint for life, and to discover and embrace the gifts your situation has brought to you. It will give you resilience in the face of difficulty and help you to overcome the fear of failure. This energy will assist you during painful times of transformation and change.

    This attunement energy system will connect you to these etheric crystalline energies to support you on your healing journey. These are:

    Moldavite: shines a light into the dark corners of your mind, bringing you the gifts of clarity and courage

    Malachite: assists during painful times of transformation, helping you to be willing to embrace positive changes.

    Hematite: imbues you with resilience in the face of difficulty, and helps you to overcome the fear of failure.

    Emerald: eases an emotional state which has become rooted in fear of loss or through grief.

    Learn about: What is a Panic Disorder? - Social Anxiety Disorder - Generalised Anxiety Disorder -  Panic Disorder - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -  Separation Anxiety Disorder -  Working with this energy for yourself and with others - Progressive muscle relaxation guided meditation.

     Bereavement Care  £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Are you devastated by the loss of a loved one?

    Overwhelmed by your conflicting emotions?     

    Feeling exhausted by the weight of your grief?

    Wondering how you are going to survive this?

    Grief is something that affects all of us at one time or another. It brings with it a whole range of conflicting emotions we need to work through. Bereavement affects everyone but we all respond in different ways. Some find it easy to show their emotions, while others become withdrawn, or try to put on a brave face. Often we feel stunned initially by the news and it isn’t until later on that the reality of the siltation becomes fully apparent to us. This system takes you to step by step through the grieving process and draws on specific crystalline energies to support you along your journey. We can never become the person we were before bereavement touched us but we can learn to embrace life once more and still honour those who have passed on.

    Learn about: Understanding the bereavement process - Pet bereavement - Stepping through the 7 stages of grief - Learning to embrace life again - Bereavement crystal care - Creating a healing crystal grid - Honouring your loved one

    Dental Care £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you suffer from any of these oral health-related issues; Bad Breath, Tooth Decay, Gum (Periodontal) Disease, Oral Cancer, Mouth Sores, Tooth Erosion, Tooth Sensitivity, Toothache?

    Do you feel that you have an unattractive smile and it is affecting your self-confidence?

    Do you suffer from Dental Phobia?

     This energy system seeks to address all the above elements:

    • To energetically deep cleanse, rebalance & strengthen your mouth using crystalline energies.
    • Ease Dental Phobia
    • Relieve pain

    This attunement energy system will connect you to four specific etheric crystalline energies to support you on your healing journey. These are:

    •  Fluorite: this is beautiful, calming crystal energy that you can connect to during dental treatments. It will assist in healing and drawing out infection.
    • Amber: is another energy that is wonderful for babies who or teething, also for any adults suffering from wisdom teeth coming through.
    • White Howlite: this crystal aids the body’s ability by balancing calcium levels and absorption of the right balance for healthy teeth.
    • Selenite: is a very useful crystalline energy that helps to neutralise the effects of mercury amalgam fillings. It is also another very gentle soothing energy to connect to so is perfect for those with dental phobias.

    Learn about: Holistic Dentistry, Spiritual causes and meaning behind teeth problems, Dental Well-being Crystal Care, Self-healing and working with others, and Progressive muscle relaxation meditation.


    Depression Care £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Does your depression last for more than a few days?

    Do you sense negative energy around you?

    Do you feel any different when away from your home or work? (Negative energy can build-up  where we live, work or spend most of our time)

    Is depression disturbing your sleeping patterns?

    Is depression causing you to miss out on important opportunities?

    Do you struggle to complete self-care tasks each day?

    Depression is a deeply complex subject with a great many contributing factors. It manifests differently within each person so treatment varies. This energy system has been designed to help support you through the process, to run alongside any other treatment you may currently be receiving. You will find the crystalline energies carefully chosen for their powerful healing and balancing properties will encourage you to be more open to new possibilities.

    When we feel negative we attract more of the same to us, sometimes this is accompanied by negative entities which feed on our low moods, anxiety, despondency, arguments and anger. Over time this can make our situation feel worse and more hopeless than it actually is.

    When we feel more positive the world looks like a brighter and more hopeful place to be in. When we are feeling more optimistic we find that solutions more readily appear and the right people are there to help us to move forward again. These are difficult times we are living in, but you have all you need already within you to meet and overcome any challenge. This energy will help you to dig deep within yourself and uncover hidden reserves of strength, commitment, compassion, optimism and anything else you need to achieve the life you want. We will be working with the following supportive crystalline energies to aid in your healing journey:

    Amethyst: Alleviates anxiety, calming the mind and helping to re-establish control

    Rhodochrosite: The stone of self-worth overflows with unconditional love

    Labradorite: Dispels fear, anxiety and negativity of self and surroundings

    Citrine: A beam of golden light to the solar plexus, raising energy and motivation

    Lapis Lazuli: Stabilises confidence belief in your ability to manifest the life you want

    Learn about:

    The Depressive State – Treating Depression – Living with Depression – Having an Attitude of Gratitude – Crystal Support – Depression Crystal Care – Working with this energy for yourself and Clients - Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Supporting a loved one through depression
    Please note: This system is not to be used as an alternative to any other treatment or therapy you are receiving.

    Empath Care£25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed by crowds or struggle with excessive noise?

    Do you need regular ‘alone time’ to recharge your batteries?

    Are you often told that you are over sensitive or too emotional?

    When someone close to you is hurt do you feel it too?

    Are you afraid of allowing others into your personal space or struggle to form lasting relationships?

    Do you overeat, drink, or self medicate to ease emotional stress?

    Empathy in its basic state is an awareness of the feelings and emotions of those around us. It forms an important aspect of emotional awareness and becomes the bond we share between ourselves and others. As individuals, we understand what others are experiencing as if we were feeling it ourselves. Empathy shouldn’t be confused with Sympathy which could be described as feeling ‘for’ a person, rather than feeling ‘with’ them. When we look at this from a spiritual/energetic perspective there is much more going on beneath the surface than first appears. Empaths are natural nurturers, they are good listeners, and have the intuitive ability to able to see beneath the surface of what is really happening. This allows them to initiate awareness, healing and release at a very deep cellular level for others.

    Empaths are highly sensitive to the energies of others and their environment; we feel everything on a deeply emotional level, sometimes too much so. Quite often our own emotions can become muddled with the ones of those around us. This can cause confusion, panic, uncertainty, mood swings and a feeling of ‘emotional overload’ without knowing why as we have no reference point for feeling this way.

    This energy system seeks to address all three of the above elements:

    • To become body aware, conscious of your self-talk and tuned into the energetic ‘feel’ of your environment. This will help you to determine if those thoughts you keep having, or the emotions you are experiencing, are actually yours.
    • To strengthen, shield and protect your aura from unwanted low vibrational and overwhelming energy sources.
    • To assist others in connecting to the Divine Source for themselves so conversations can take place at a higher vibrational frequency.

    This attunement energy system will connect you to three specific etheric crystalline to support you as an Empath. These are:

    • Charoite:  helps you connect with the divine by enhancing your natural intuitive talents.  Often we receive messages through sight, sounds, and impressions.  Whether meditating or going through the motions, it will help you to receive information from higher beings.
    • Healer’s Gold: also known as Apache Gold. This highly protective black and gold stone strengthens your energetic boundaries. It also helps you set clearer signals to others and absorbs negative energies.
    • Heliodor: works by expanding your mind, knowledge, and intuitive awareness to aid in your efforts for improved and harmonious communication with others at a higher vibrational level.

    Learn About: Understanding Empaths - Empath Balance - The 3 Keys To Empath Care - Empath Crystal Care - Working With This Energy

    Hygge Care 25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you feel lonely and disconnected from everyone and everything around you?

    Do you struggle to live life “in the moment”?

    Do you feel as if you are on autopilot and run your life as a mundane routine?

    Do you have a healthy balance of all the elements in your life?

    Do you fill your life with things rather than people and experiences?

    Hygge (pronounced Hoo Gah) is a Danish term that has been overly used as a marketing tool to sell anything that creates in the mind a cosy, affluent wellbeing lifestyle. Advertising campaigns bombard us with images of cosy throws and blankets, soft fluffy pillows, expensive candles, hot chocolate, real fires etc. And yes you can use each of these things to help you to create the Hygge ambience, but true Hygge comes from within. It is a feeling that is expressed when you feel true contentment and gratitude for all that you are and all that is. It is connecting with your soul at the deepest level.

    Hygge can be as simple as curling up with your favourite book for an hour, a 20-minute meditation or Yoga session, or holding hands with your loved one as you stroll through the park, to an expensive spa treatment with full-on pampering or an overnight stay in a fancy hotel. You can do any of these things and not get the Hygge feeling; some can feel lonely in a room filled with people. It isn’t something money can buy or someone else can give to you. You have to open yourself up and be willing to receive this gift into your heart and allow it to resonate with your very being. Hygge can feel like an elusive goal for some which is where this energy system comes in, to help you to open up your heart chakra to accept the flow of Hygge.

    Learn about: The Scandinavian way of life - Creating soul rituals - Self-love and acceptance - Working with this energy - KonMari and not saving things for a rainy day

    Imposter Syndrome Care Attunement £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you attribute your success to external factors?
    Do you struggle to realistically assess your skills and competence?
    Do you fear you won’t live up to expectations?
    Are you an overachiever, setting unrealistic goals that you fail to meet?
    Do you self sabotage your success?
    Are you highly critical of yourself and your performance?

    Impostor syndrome is best described as an inward experience where you believe you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. However, this definition is not only based on intelligence, performance, and achievement, it is also about how you determine perfectionism.
    Many describe imposter syndrome as feeling as if they are a phony. They explain that they expect at any moment to be found out to be a fraud. They struggle to experience any sense of belonging where they are as if they are constantly running to catch up and living by the saying “I’ll fake it until I make it”.

    They feel that any achievement they do have is just down to good fortune or the support of others and they do not deserve any praise. Impostor syndrome can affect anyone no matter their social status, work background, skill level, or degree of expertise. While for some people, impostor syndrome can fuel feelings of motivation to achieve, this usually comes at a cost in the form of constant anxiety. They might over-prepare or work much harder than necessary to "make sure" that nobody finds out they are a fraud.

    This sets up a vicious cycle, in which they think that the only reason they survived that presentation was that they stayed up all night rehearsing. Or, they think the only reason they got through that party or family gathering was that they memorised details about all the guests so that they would always have ideas for small talk. They spend so long creating this perfect persona that they lose their sense of self-identity and their way in life.  They have forgotten they are a beautiful unique soul, there is no one else quite like them on earth and yet they feel as if they have to be a perfect copy of others in order to fit in and be accepted. As they lose their sense of self-identity over time this can create the soul to fragment, making the situation far worse as it erodes their self-confidence and belief.

    This energy system seeks to address all of the above elements:

    • To become self-aware, tuned into your true nature and abilities as you take an honest appraisal of yourself, your life, your abilities, and your achievements.
    • To flush your energetic system of negative thought forms and emotional imprints as well as self-limiting conditioning and pressure from others.
    • To foster a belief in true authenticity
    • To reclaim your sense of self-identity and rebuild self-belief

    This attunement energy system will connect you to these etheric crystalline energies to clear your Solar Plexus Chakra and support you on your healing journey. These are:
    • Citrine: Happiness and confidence, emits large amounts of positive energy. This crystal encourages you to maintain a positive state of mind to attract everything you want in life.
    • Pyrite: A crystal of positive energy. Helpful for negative thoughts fixed on misfortune and despair.
    • Yellow Calcite: Helps to increase your vitality and strength. It can give one new hope and a renewed sense of optimism.
    • Tiger Eye: Helps to release fears and anxieties. It is a great stone for giving courage and self-confidence. It is particularly helpful for those who experience a lack of self-worth.

    Learn about: Causes of Imposter Syndrome - Coping With Imposter Syndrome – Imposter Syndrome Crystal Support

    Pain Care

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you suffer from long term chronic pain?

    Do you feel overwhelmed coping with your pain on a daily basis?

    Is your pain level compromising your quality of life?

    Do you suffer from an “invisible” illness and feel misunderstood?

    Do you feel that you are missing out on what life is all about?

    Do you feel that you are being karmically punished for your illness?

    Would you like to learn how to discover the energetic root cause of your pain?

    There are many healing systems available to heal various aspects of the physical body but many are only concerned with removing the offending illness or imbalance from the physical body. The goal is focused solely on this without digging a little deeper to discover the root cause of the pain, how it came into manifestation in the first place. This is what this healing system seeks to address. It is vital to remember that all pain from; disabilities, accidents, illness, even long term illnesses and terminal illnesses, have an important teaching role to play as part of our spiritual life path. We cannot always change what has happened or is happening to us, but if we allow ourselves to, we have the opportunity to view our illness, situation or limitations from a different angle, to explore them accordingly and learn and grow from them.

    This energy system seeks to address all of the following elements:

    • To become body aware, tuned into your pain and to determine where and how it originated and what continues to trigger it?
    • To flush your energetic system of negative side effects that have built up through taking medication, cleansing and strengthening your entire auric field and improving your ability to release and ground negative energy effectively and drawing in new healing energy as needed.
    • To improve your body’s ability to self heal in accordance with your karmic blueprint for life, and to discover and embrace the gifts your situation has brought to you.

    To assist us we will be using the crystalline energies of:

    • Amethyst:  helps you connect with your own Higher Self wisdom and that of your Guides. This will help to bring clarity to your situation and help you to reach the root cause of your imbalance.
    • Black Tourmaline: helps you to manage the stress and anxiety arising from your pain. It will aid your body to detoxify and healing the connection between your body and mind. With the energy of the black tourmaline, you are not only healing your physical body, but also providing, emotional, spiritual, and mental detoxification
    • Petalite: opens cosmic consciousness and helps in spiritual purification. Petalite is a protective stone that enhances meditation and attunement, it takes you to a very calm and clear spiritual dimension where causes can be understood and then changed. It is particularly useful for ancestral and family healing because it reaches out to the time before everything went wrong. This is useful in treating conditions that have been inherited.

    In this manual learn about: Understanding your Pain - Your pain history - Your emotional and mental state - What is my pain showing me? - Is it Karma? - The path of the carer - Complementary treatments - Movement-based therapies - Nutritional and herbal remedies - Mind-body medicine - Energy healing - Physical manipulation - Lifestyle changes - Pain crystal care - Working with this energy - Self-healing - Client pain care - Progressive muscle relaxation meditation

    Relationship Care

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you feel as if your relationship is just going through the motions?

    Has your relationship lost its “spark”?

    Do you feel taken for granted by your partner?

    Do you yearn to recapture the passion you experienced when you first met?

    Are you no longer together but need to stay in contact for the sake of your children?

    Do you have relationship goals?

    As human beings we are wired to desire intimate relationships; to love and be loved in return. We yearn to find that special someone to share our lives with. Whether you’re in an established long-term relationship or in the first wonderful months of new love relationship maintenance is a great idea. While every relationship is unique, there is always an opportunity to give your relationship a boost. This energy system incorporates a unique symbol for you to work with empowered with the crystalline energies of rose quartz. This will enable you both to rekindle the spark between you and strengthen your soul connection to one another. Whether your relationship is destined to last a few months, a handful of years or a lifetime, you were drawn to one another for an important reason.

    You may have unfinished karma leftover from a previous lifetime, or you may have been brought together for the purpose of bringing through new souls. You may have finally met your soul mate and want to make things the best they can between you.  Perhaps you are carrying baggage from previous relationships which are affecting your new one. You may have split up from your partner but need to maintain friendly contact for the sake of your children. This energy can help you to work together even if you are not together. A strong relationship provides a good foundation for the rest of your life. You learn and grow in meaningful ways within the structure of a relationship. You grow independently as well as together. This is why it is important to maintain personal growth goals as well as relationship growth goals and to be open to communication and negotiation about these.
    Learn About: 
    Relationship care symbol and energy - Working with this energy - Relationship Goals  - Relationship Rejuvenation Exercise Chakra to chakra energy sharing meditation

    Sleep Care

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Do you struggle to fall asleep at night?

    Do you wake up in the night and are unable to go back to sleep?

    Do you find it difficult to ‘switch your brain off’ at night?

    Do you suffer from nightmares, terrors or sleep paralysis?

    Are spiritual upgrades, energy shifts and moon cycles disturbing your sleep pattern?

    Do you feel tired, irritable or anxious throughout the day?

    Do you struggle to concentrate at work because you are so exhausted?

    We have all at one time or another suffered from sleep disturbances. Sometimes this may be limited to a single night, while for others it can become an ongoing battle leading to sleep deprivation, anxiety and irritability. In extreme cases, it can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing.

    The most common causes of insomnia are:

    Stress, anxiety or depression – Noise - A room that's too hot or cold - Uncomfortable beds - Alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine - Recreational drugs like cocaine or ecstasy - Jet lag - Shift work - Mental health conditions - Restless legs syndrome - Overactive thyroid - Many medications can also cause insomnia - Long-term pain – Sleepwalking - Snoring or interrupted breathing while sleeping (sleep apnoea) - Nightmares or night terrors

    Many of the above can be ruled out quite easily by creating a relaxing bedtime routine for yourself and by paying close attention to your diet and lifestyle habits. Some things cannot be easily remedied such as pain and other health-related issues, medication or shift work. This is where Sleep Care Energy can help you.

    This system seeks to address these elements by utilising the following rays of energy to work with 5 key areas:

    Lepidolite Deep Sleep Relaxation for the mental and emotional systems

    Jade Deep Relaxation Body Care to calm and relax the physical body

    Moonstone Medication Side Effects Flush to release any negative effects of your medication that may be preventing you from sleeping

    Amethyst Ultimate Sleep Care Auric Field Protection to prevent negative energy attacks

    Rose Quartz  Baby /Child Sleep Care, is a milder dose of energy suitable for treating young children.

    Learn about: Sleep Paralysis and coping skills - Negative energy attacks and coping skills - Energy shifts - how to integrate them and coping skills -  Sleep crystal care - Working with this energy for self and others - Progressive muscle relaxation meditation - The natural approach to beating insomnia


    Other Energy Systems for A Health & Wellbeing

    Back to School Crystal Support

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    School is a big part of life, so it’s important to feel happy there. If your child is scared or anxious about going back to school, there are things you can help them with to make it better. It doesn’t matter if this is their very first day at school or if they are beginning back in their final year, change of any kind can be daunting. Most schools around the world have been closed because of COVID-19. Your child might be happy when they find out they can go back to school, or they might not. However they’re feeling, it’s natural to be worried about:

    • What the school will be like when they go back
    • Catching up with work and preparing for exams
    • Seeing friends again or being bullied
    • Starting a new routine, or coping away from home
    • Keeping safe and following social distancing.
    • They might also be worried about problems at home.

    Although we all have to adjust to a new way of living and this includes school life we can ease this transition by working with crystalline energies designed to target key problem areas and worries. The goal of this energy system is to look at 6 key areas of your child’s wellbeing at school. To do this we will be working with 6 corresponding crystal energies which will gently flow through their energy system helping them to adjust to their new school day, these are:

    Moonstone: The crystal of new beginnings, helping to accept change to their daily routine.

    Rose Quartz: This crystal alleviates any feelings of abandonment, promotes new friendships and brings them a feeling of safety and comfort while they are away from you

    Fluorite: This crystal improves the awareness, concentration levels and absorption of new concepts and information

    Amethyst: This crystal reduces fear and anxiety and improves their natural intuition as to what is or isn’t in their best interest.

    Carnelian: This crystal aids mental efficiency and the ability to learn, it also works to calm the “butterflies in the tummy” first day back feeling

    Obsidian: This crystal provides powerful protection against unwanted negative attention.


    Heart & Mind Harmonisation £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Are you experiencing an inner war between your heart and mind?

    Is this inner conflict causing you sleepless nights, indecisions, missed chances and opportunities leading to self-doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage as each side weighs in against the other?

    If so, you are far from alone. Our hearts wisdom flows from our higher self-consciousness, it is the small inner voice that urges us to try again, to take a chance, to be brave and courageous. Our mind, on the other hand, argues that to try again is useless, it will never work, and it is safer for things to remain as they are. This flow of information comes from our ego, from our frightened inner child, from our painful and humiliating experiences.

    This energy system will bring harmonisation and balance to your heart and your mind. It will help you to take into consideration your past experiences without allowing them to limit your potential. You will be more open to the wisdom and guidance of your higher self so it will be easier for you to overcome any fears and hesitations blocking you from achieving your full potential

    Higher Consciousness Food Blessing & Care Empowerment £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Giving thanks before meals is the most common form of spiritual nourishment. This can be done in honour of any spiritual belief system or religion. When we bless our food we draw down higher vibrational energies, we link up the food before us with the oversoul energies of its individual ingredients in their perfect state of health and well-being. When we bless our food we are imbuing it was love and gratitude for all those who were present in its growing, caring, cultivating, and preparation process. So not only are we blessing our food but all those who made our meal possible. This raises the consciousness of all concerned.

    When we eat mindfully we are connecting to the higher consciousness of the food, its very life essence, and are welcoming this life-giving stream into our energy field. This energy stream will open up your natural higher awareness allowing you to intuitively choose food that is more healthful and life-sustaining for your body. The more you learn to listen to what your body needs the higher choices you will be guided to make for yourself. In time as you continue to work with this energy it will allow you to sense the energy field of fresh food just by holding your hands over each item, you will be able to sense which ones are of the highest vibration.

    Included in the manual: Eating Mindfully, Food Blessing Exercise, Rainbow Eating

    Ray of Light Empowerment £10
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Do you feel trapped and unable to see a way out of your situation?
    Are you suffering from a "dark night of the soul"?
    Do you continue to attract negative situations to you?
    When something goes wrong, does your day spiral into negativity?
    Are you having such a bad day, or are you making a challenging moment last all day?

    This energy system is for anyone struggling to find their way back to the light. When circumstances feel as if they are out of control, it can seem impossible to see a way forward.

    Depression, stress, and anxiety can make you feel as if you are drowning; this may cause problems concentrating and problem-solving.
    Every day may feel like the one before, your life feeling like a treadmill of negativity.

    Sleeping may also become an issue. It may make you want to sleep too much to avoid the situation or be unable to sleep.

    The Ray of light Empowerment helps to illuminate your path. It can help you find a way through your dark night of the soul.

    When all seems hopeless, it is easy to feel alone. However, we are never really alone as our Spiritual Guides and Angels are always there to comfort and guide us.

    To access help and guidance, we need to open up to higher energies. When we vibrate at a low frequency, we attract negative situations. To improve our circumstances, we need to raise our vibrational frequency. The Ray of Light Empowerment creates a vibrational bridge between us and our Spiritual Guides and Angels.