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Flower Deva Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:
  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
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Eyebright Clarity Essence £7.99 Special Offer!
Founder: Raine Hilton
Eyebright has traditionally been used to treat all manner of eye maladies including; inflammation, conjunctivitis, red-eye, styes, itchy eyes, stinging eyes and weak vision. Not only will it provide relief and reduce any inflammation, it’s incredibly relaxing for your eyes to defocus after being on high alert all day long. With this energy system we will be working with the Etheric essence of this plant by connecting to the Eyebright Faery Deva who will aid the healing process at a deep cellular level.
In ancient folklore, you would carry Eyebright flowers if you wanted to enhance your psychic powers or to know if someone was telling the truth. Folk names attached to these wildflowers are, "Christ's Eyes" and "Christ's Sight". Eyebright not only works on the health aspect of your eyes but also opens up your perceptions and natural intuitive abilities. Eyebright is a Faery Flower that will align you to the Fey Realms, helping those who are receptive to see them clairvoyantly and sometimes even physically.

Frankincense Aura Cleanse & Protection Energy £7.99 Special!
Founder: Raine Hilton

Working with the energy of Frankincense is a wonderful way to cleanse yourself as well as your environment. If your mind if feeling chaotic or cluttered, or you feel as if you are being negatively influenced by the energy of others this powerful energy quickly clears it away and begins to strengthen your auric field.

Frankincense is one of the oldest documented magical resins; it’s been traded in northern Africa and parts of the Arab world for nearly five thousand years. Always a popular choice for healing remedies, ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Israelites and regularly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Frankincense is also a beautiful energy for those in need of emotional release. If you are carrying a heavy burden, this energy can help you to let it go. It encourages independence, tolerance for adversity, and freedom of expression and clarity.

 Orchid Essence Blessings £7.99 Special Offer! 
Founder: Raine Hilton
Orchids have enchanted us with their exotic beauty magical and healing properties throughout history all around the world. Working with Orchid Essence energy will bring great blessings into your life.
Orchids are also believed to bring good luck and prosperity and they are a classical feng shui symbol of fertility. Orchids are regarded as emblems of integrity, elegance, and friendship. In Chinese culture, the orchid symbolises love and beauty and can be a symbol of a married couple.
The orchid has medicinal applications as well. In China, the orchid has been cultivated for thousands of years and is used as a natural remedy for coughs, and diseases of the kidneys, lungs, stomach, and eyes.
Each colour Orchid holds powerful symbolism and healing gifts for your particular stage in life. The Orchid Flower Deva will guide you toward which Orchid Flower Essence you are most in need of at this time.

9 Sacred Faery Woods Initiation £25

Founder: Raine Hilton
This beautiful energy systems connects you to the Tree Spirits of the 9 Sacred faery Woods. Tree Spirits are members of the Faery Realm, they are also known as Dryads, Wood Nymphs or Hamadryads.  It is believed that they live only as long as the trees they inhabit. They are normally considered to be very shy creatures except around the goddess Artemis, who is known to be a friend to most nymphs.

Tree Spirits have the ability to shape shift between the form of a human or tree at will. Generally, dryads ease the karmic residue, often held in our bodies as energetic blocks. Each tree has a particular energy; oak dryads will strengthen you in times of stress and challenge, while willow spirits will allow your emotions to flow and can release negative thought patterns.

This attunement connects you directly to the Tree Spirit of each of the 9 Woods and also to Elder which will seal in the energies of all others used. There are no complicated symbols to remember Faeries prefer simplicity and an ego free way of working. Learn about:
  • Tree Spirits
  • Nine Woods into the Cauldron Go
  • The healing and magical properties of working with the tree spirits of: Birch, Rowan, Apple, Vine, Fir, Willow, Hawthorn, Oak, Hazel, and also Elder
  • Working with the energy
  • Fire Festivals; burning the 9 sacred woods

Bamboo Healing Balm Reiki £20

Founder: Raine Hilton
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2
Bamboo Healing Balm Reiki has many wonderful uses including; physical soothing and healing, to mental, emotional, and spiritual support. Bamboo can help with: digestive issues – spiritual healing – mental alertness – depression – hormonal imbalances – aphrodisiac – respiratory diseases – antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory – weight loss – strengthening the immune system – wound healer – air purifier. Bamboo energy also has magical and abundance/good fortune attracting properties. Bamboo bolsters creativity and improves artistic expression.

Energy Field Quantum physics has shown that every single being on earth carries an energy field. Since ancient times, bamboo has been known as having an energy field that is so potent that it can be picked up by people living nearby. People in frequent contact with bamboo experience increased strength, stamina, and virility. The energy field conducts energy. The ancient Chinese recognised this and used bamboo to clear negative energy and to "brighten up" energy flow. Many others use bamboo to bolster creativity and improve artistic expression.

Learn about: Bamboo uses – bamboo facts and history – caring for bamboo – working with this energy for mental issues, emotional well-being, physical and other health problems – attracting abundance and good fortune.

Black Cohosh Protection & Negativity Flush £10
Founder: Raine Hilton

This is a powerful cleansing and protection system for use on the self, loved ones, home and work, especially where other methods have failed. Not all negative entities and influences respond to the more well-known methods such as smudging with white sage. Black Cohosh also has many healing benefits, and is often used in tincture form but as this isn’t always suitable for situations where you are unable toobtain it physically or for when you are unable to use it, for example, if you are not at home, or there other people were present who are not open to your spiritual practices. 

This energy is ideal for when you have been around people who sap your energy and strength; you will easily recognise this type as when you leave their company you will be left feeling weak and drained, stressed, anxious, angry or depressed. It feels as if they are sucking the very life force from you, because this is in fact, what they are doing and in most cases the ones doing it are unaware. Energetically this can also come from low levels entities, and other negative energy beings or entities who feed on negative emotions and despondency. 

Black Cohosh also goes by the name “bugbane” because it was once used as an insect repellent; we have found this especially effective in banishing negative energetic forms of Starseed Insectoid beings too, where all other methods have failed. 

Magickally Black Cohosh can be used to repel spells, curses, hexes and other forms of negative influences from yourself and your property.

Chakra Rose Light Initiation £25

Founder: Raine Hilton
Roses are known as the Queen of Flowers and have long been used for their powerful healing and magical properties. Roses bring healing in a loving nurturing way. This helps us to go beneath the surface of any issues and blockages to reach the root cause in a non-threatening and non-judgemental way.

We will be working with Rose Deva who will imbue each of your 7 main chakras with her divine essence. Each Chakra Colour Rose Light Essence flows deep into your chakras where they will gently cleanse and bring to the surface any issues in need of acknowledgement, healing and release.

Each colour vibrates at a different frequency, with red as the slowest and densest, violet, and white as the highest frequency. This corresponds to the colours of our chakras. Each colour has the power to alter us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Roses have an extremely long history, with fossil evidence showing their existence over 35 million years ago. Around 5000 years ago, the cultivation of roses is thought to have begun in China although it was only in the late 18th century that this type of rose made it to Europe.

Learn About: Rose Colour Meanings – Chakra Meanings – Rose Symbolism - Rose Light Chakra Mediation – Rose Lore – Rose facts – How to Make Rose Water

Chamomile Deep Relaxation Essence £15

Founder: Raine Hilton
Chamomile has many healing properties and magical uses, but its primary use in this energy system is to promote a feeling of deep relaxation and wellness. Chamomile helps you to release irritation, anxiety and insomnia. In a nutshell, it acts as a healing balm to soothe the senses.

If you are living in fear and anxiety you may be in what is known as “survival mode”. This is where you are reacting irrationally and impulsively, you may be lashing out at others, or indulging in activities that are harmful to your wellbeing. When you experience stressful events your brain begins to function in a different capacity

You may be in survival mode if you are struggling to cope with trauma like the changes brought about by the global pandemic, or after the tragic death of a loved one or other radical change of circumstances.

Chamomile Deep Relaxation Essence is an ideal energy system for both adults and children. Working with the Chamomile Oversoul Deva will help you create a safe sacred space to heal and rebalance. When we are centred we approach life’s problems from a stable emotional state so we can make wise and healthful choices.

  • How to navigate your way out of Survival Mode,
  • Health and magical benefits of Chamomile
  • Enjoy a relaxing guided mediation with the Oversoul Chamomile Deva.

Cherry Blossom Oneness Reiki £20
Founder: Raine Hilton
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2
Cherry Blossom Oneness Reiki is a gentle peaceful energy system promoting mindfulness and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Do you feel as if you are under constant pressure?
With everything moving along so quickly it is easy to become lost as we rush to keep up, hold on, and absorb more. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Mindfulness is a natural inbuilt quality that we each already possess, it should never feel forced. Instead, it should flow effortlessly no matter what is happening in life.
Like anything of a spiritual nature, mindfulness is a skill that only needs tuning into and developing. Reiki Energies will help you to attain a harmonious mental and emotional state in order to do this. It is hard staying positive when life feels as if it is crumbling around you, and yet our attitude is the one thing we do have full control over. It is our attitude to life that creates the kind of future we are bringing into awareness.
Learn about: Cherry Blossom symbolism – Hanami, Yozakura, Sakura – Attaining Oneness through Mindfulness -  Japanese Kanji – Working with this energy – Meditation Practice – The Four-Fold Breath.

Crab Apple Deep Cleanse Flower Light Codes System £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Flower Light Codes Systems calibrate the exact vibrational frequency of energy you need to bring your mental and emotional states into a natural healthy alignment. This is done by channelling the Oversoul Flower Deva of the Crab Apple Flower. Healers and energy workers are continuously subjected to the negative energies of their clients and students, flushing the system with Crab Apple between sessions can lessen the effect on their own energy systems.

If you are suffering from side effects from your medication or from inoculations then the essence of Crab Apple can help your body to filter away what is not needed by your body.  For those with allergies or intolerances even when special care is taken to avoid something you are sensitive to, you may still come into contact with it and suffer an adverse reaction. This energy system should never be used instead of your usual precautions; it will not magically shield you from whatever you are sensitive or allergic to. It will deeply cleanse your system and help to restore harmony and equilibrium making recovery time quicker and more comfortable.

This energy is helpful when recovering from illness or injury. It is wonderful to use after an operation to help balance the mental, emotional and physical aspects of you. This is especially true for those whose physical appearance has been altered due to surgery such as amputation, excessive scarring, burns, mastectomy etc. On an emotional level Crab Apple is a wonderful energy to use for anyone suffer from a low self image, especially if they have experienced abuse or an assault of some kind which has left them feeling unclean or undesirable. This is also helpful for those who live with conditions such as OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder

Daffodil Spring Essence Cleanse £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Like many others, I eagerly await the sight of the first daffodil of the year, knowing that Spring is finally here after a long, cold winter. These simple, cheerful flowers are known as the “Flower of March” and symbolise new life, new beginnings, fertility, prosperity, love and good luck. They have bright, happy, cleansing energy to work with and are often included in rituals and spell work for luck, love and fertility.

Carrying the vibrational frequency of the season of Spring, Daffodil energy will help you harness the power of rebirth and vitality. They grow through ice and snow, heavy rain and bitterly cold winds. Showing us, that no matter what we have been struggling through it has made us stronger and more resilient. Daffodils remind us that through our hardships, new beginnings are just around the corner.

Working with Daffodil Flower Deva will help you to harness this energy to use as a daily cleanse and rejuvenation of your whole auric field. Resonating with the solar plexus, daffodils will help to lift your mood, balance your emotions and encourage you to step into spring with a smile on your face.

Daffodils emit a bright, uplifting, cheerful energy that can bring joy and happiness into your life. These cheerful yellow flowers can help you tap into your own inner light allowing it to shine brightly. Daffodils can help release feelings of self-doubt or shame for those who feel burdened by insecurities or feel misunderstood by others.

Daffodils also encourage naturally sunny people to confidently confront their shadow side. This is important because if you don’t work through your issues and embrace them, they will continue to show up in your life when you least expect it. Much of our inner strength and resilience resides in the darker aspect of us.

Daffodils harmonise our emotions when we are balanced; we are open to being more authentically open to others as well as ourselves. It is believed this is because Daffodil energy can amplify and clarify the inner voice of the God/Goddess/Divinity, as well our Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Evergreen Renewal Empowerment £15
Founder: Philip Hilton

In the distant past evergreens were cut and brought indoors to symbolise life, rebirth and renewal at Yule. They were thought to have power over death because their green never faded, and they were used to defeat winter demons and hold back death and destruction. Because of their strength and tenacity, they were also believed to encourage the Sun’s return.

This energy taps into those notes on the energetic scale which encourage rebirth, renewal, tenacity and longevity. This is an empowerment that offers real staying power in a very ethereal, yet quite literal sense.

We all experience defeat from time to time. Life operates in a cyclic nature and this is why we face ups and downs. We all know that in most instances we only have to hold on a little in order to see better changes come our way. However, hanging in there can be really tough and that’s where this energy comes in.

Faery Herbal Elixir Attunement £25
Founder: Raine Hilton

This beautiful healing system combines herbal healing with Faery energies. You will be attuned to the protective visionary herb, Mugwort, as well as 7 herbs specifically chosen to resonate with each of your major chakras. This is followed by another 9 herbs which will form your Faery Herbal Health Care Kit. These are then all sealed into your aura using the energies of Peace Lily.

You will be taught:
  • Which individual Faery races relate to the elements and how they resonate with us
  • How to attract Fey into your garden or home
  • Exclusive photos of Dryad and Faeries using nature to show themselves
  • Photo and description of each herb you will be working with
  • Faery Herbal for the Chakras
  • Faery Herbal Aura Seal
  • Faery Herbal Health Care Kit
  • How to cast a Faery Elemental Circle for protection and working
  • Various ways of working with this energy for meditation, chakra healing, balancing the masculine-feminine polarities, relationship healing, elemental birth sign healing
  • How to self heal and use these energies with others
  • How to make Faery Herbal Elixirs
  • How to create Faery Connection Elixir

Flower Faery Deva Initiation £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Flower Faeries are also known as Devas or Plant Spirits. They are tiny winged spirits, which care for each and every flower and plant on Earth. Faeries generally compare in size to a small human, although they are skilled shape-shifters who can take any form and any size at will. They often use the form of the plant they are caring for to use as their guise if they wish to manifest in the physical world.

Every flower is cared for by its own Faery. A field of wildflowers or a lush, flower-packed backyard contains a universe of Faery Spirits. Flower Faeries natures reflect the type of flowers with which they are associated. With the use of this energy system you can tune into the character of each flower you are drawn to for use for healing, wisdom, guidance or ritual work, with the Flower Faery Deva acting as the Medium for the energy connection. This will allow you to gain deeper insights into others you are healing or reading for as well as connecting with loved ones who have passed over into spirit.

The Flower Faery Devas will imbue your auric field with the energy of the flowers you are most in need of and will share their unique insights with those who have an open heart and mind.

Within this manual you will learn about:
  • The role of the Flower Faery Deva
  • Flower Faery gardens
  • Seeing Flower Faeries
  • How to Give a Flower Reading (known as Flowermancy or Flower Psychometry)
  • Flower messages from Spiri

Flower Goddess Konohanasakuya-hime Reiki £20
Founder: Raine Hilton
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2
Mount Fuji is a powerful spiritual symbol of Japan. It is a known sacred site for practitioners of Shinto, the indigenous faith or spirituality of Japan. Many Shinto shrines dot the base and ascent of Mount Fuji. Shinto shrines honour kami, the spiritual deities of the Shinto faith. The kami of Mount Fuji is Goddess Konohanasakuya, whose symbol is the cherry blossom.
Konohanasakuya-hime is the goddess of Mount Fuji and all volcanoes in Japanese mythology; she is also the blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life. She is often considered an avatar of Japanese life, especially since her symbol is the sakura (cherry blossom). The cherry blossoms show their beauty and soon disappear. This represents the cycle of life and death. Her name is freely translated as “princess who blossoms the flowers of the tree”.
As we work with the energy of Konohanasakuya-hime, we can boost our creative juices and birth new ideas and projects. This Reiki energy system invites Konohanasakuya-hime into your life in order for you to receive the gifts of patience, mindfulness, foresight, inspiration and creativity. She will assist you in birthing new ideas and will protect you and your projects from negativity.
Like the flowers she blesses with her essence, Konohanasakuya-hime helps us to understand the cycles of our life, to accept that everything that flows in and out of our life has its own season. This allows us to let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves us, in the sure knowledge that better opportunities are to come. This Goddess will protect and guide you as to how to best manifest your goals using this Reiki energy system.

Forget-Me-Not Blessings £15
Founder: Raine Hilton
This beautiful gentle energy strengthens the eternal bond between friends, lovers and relatives. We will be working with the Forget-Me-Not Flower Deva in meditation, with the Flower Faery acting as the medium for the energy connection to help you to converse with your loved ones. Forget-Me-Nots symbolise love, trust, fidelity and remembrance, they are not only associated with those still with us, but also for those who have passed onto the other side. You will learn how to use this energy alongside additional techniques to make contact with Spirit.
When a special connection forms between two people at soul level it is something to be cherished and nurtured. This bond is eternal and can never be broken. Use this energy to improve your connection with your loved ones to deepen and bring out the best in your relationships. If you struggle to open up with your loved ones, this energy will help you to do so. If you wish they were a little more receptive to you this energy will provide them with the opportunity to do so.
This energy will never work against another’s free will and free choice. It simply connects with their higher self aspect and asks to be invited into their heart space. If this invitation is accepted then the energy flow will be returned forming a pure heart connection between you. When we converse with one another at a higher level than we usually would, we can cut through all of the day-to-day irritations which usually cause disagreements.
Soul level interactions allow us to have conversations which truly matter with a greater level of intimacy.  When this happens we feel safe and secure enough with them to be emotionally available and transparent with them. Any issues in need of working on can be done so without recriminations or judgment because we see our soul light reflected back at us in the other person.

Goddess Brigid’s Snowdrop Bringer of Hope Empowerment £25
Founder: Raine Hilton
As one of the first flowers of spring, Snowdrops symbolise new beginnings, hope, rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges. This makes them a very positive energy to work with if you are in need of some extra support and encouragement.
A tiny, fragile flower resolutely thriving within a bitter and frosted winter’s soil is bringer of hope to many. When life feels so very challenging we can feel as if we are in darkness and the light is a very long way away from us.
We may fight and struggle and try to crawl our way to the light, but like the Snowdrop we should bide our time in the darkness, and allow ourselves to heal in the divine womb of the earth and listen to our intuition, listen for the right time to gently push our way up to the light
Brigid, or the Exalted One, is the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, and life. She is the master of both healing and smithing. Her holiday, Imbolc, is held on February 1st and marks the midpoint of winter. Many of Ireland’s wells and waterways are devoted to her.
She is a goddess of healing, fertility, and motherhood, of passion and fire, and of serenity and water as well. When she is not protecting mothers and newborn children, Brigid inspires many of the writers and poets for which Ireland is internationally renowned.
Faeries that are responsible for the welfare and nurturing of plants are known as Devas or Plant Spirits. They are tiny winged spirits, which care for each and every flower and plant on Earth.
The Snowdrop is a Faery Flower which will align you to the Fey Realms, helping those who are receptive to see them clairvoyantly and sometimes even physically. They will aid you in healing and rebalancing the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a beautiful illustrated guided meditation to work with the Goddess Brigid and the Snowdrop Deva

Marimo Reiki £15
Founder: Raine Hilton
Prerequisite Reiki 1

Legend has it that long ago the daughter of a chief from a tribe living near Lake Akan in Japan fell in love with a commoner. When her parents opposed the union, the couple ran away, and rather than be separated from one another they leaped into the lake and sunk to the bottom and their hearts became Marimo balls. Marimo is said to bring your heart’s desire to both giver and receiver. This Reiki plant energy is now known as a token of love, affection, good luck, and overcoming all the odds to find success. If you are in a situation where you feel as if everything is against you, and you know in your heart and soul that it is the right path for you, and are determined to succeed, this Reiki energy system will help you to stay true to your calling.  

Too often we become swayed off course by the ill-wishing and nay-saying of others. We become conditioned by the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs of those closest to us. We are the product of our upbringing and society, and these limitations can be difficult to break away from. However, if we stay the same we will remain as we are. The ones who have changed the world, made groundbreaking discoveries have always been the so-called rebels, the black sheep of the family.

If you have always felt somehow different from those around you and have struggled to try to “fit in”, you may feel you have lost your spark in doing so. Reiki Energies will help you to recapture your light and to shine brightly as the unique soul you are. When we understand the legend behind Marimo Moss Balls we see that Marimo Reiki is also beautiful energy to work with your partner to strengthen your relationship and to help you to remember and recreate the romance you shared in the beginning. If instead, you are seeking love, Marimo Reiki will help you to attract a new love into your life.

Mighty Oak Inner Power Energy £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Connecting to the energy and the Dryad of the Mighty Oak Tree fills you with strength, stability, protection and abundance.  It is a deeply grounding energy system to work with that brings your mental, emotional and physical bodies fully into alignment. The energy system is perfect for those who generally work with the higher vibrational energies which can leave you feeling ungrounded, disorientated and distanced from the physical world.

In Greek mythology the legends of gods, goddesses and the Fey have become teaching lessons for us to work with in order to enrich our personal and collective spiritual journeys. The Dryads are powerful goddesses of nature that were highly respected in ancient Greece. The forests were sacred places of worship for connection and communication with these honoured beings. These nature goddesses still reside within the trees of the forest, and their power and wisdom are always available for us to connect with at any time. How often does a walk in nature leave you feeling uplifted, and inspired?
Unconsciously we are reaching out to blend our energy field with theirs as we stand before these mighty trees, sometimes hugging them or sitting and meditating beneath their protective branches.  By working with the Oak Dryad within this energy system we can deepen our connection and gain a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits. Learn about Oak symbolism and enjoy a beautiful guided meditation with the Oak Dryad.

 Norse Gods and Goddesses Visionary Flower Light Codes £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Connecting to the Norse gods and goddesses through the energies of six Flower Deva energies sacred to them will bring you healing, wisdom and guidance to empower and enrich your life.
The powerful vibrational frequencies present in flowers are beneficial in cleansing, rebalancing, relaxing, and energising your auric field. Working with each Flower Deva’s Light Codes has the ability to connect you more fully to the natural world around you, so that you become one with the cycles of nature, and all of creation.
Each flower light code resonates with the unique vibrational wavelength of Norse gods and goddesses so you can connect to them by using the flower energy as a medium to create an etheric bridge between you and your god or goddess for your chosen working.
Many flowers that thrived in the Viking homelands were considered sacred to different gods and goddesses and to represent different ideas and uses.
Flowers were used, as they still are today, for their medicinal healing and magical properties. However, the Norse healers and magical workers also knew that by connecting to their sacred gods and goddesses through these flowers it would have a much greater impact on their healing or magical rituals.
You will be working with:
  • Freyja
  • Odin,
  • Thor
  • Tyr
  • Frigg
  • The Valkyries

Plant Deva Energy Boost £25
Founder: Raine Hilton
Faeries that are responsible for the welfare and nurturing of plants are known as Devas or Plant Spirits. They are tiny winged spirits, which care for each and every flower and plant on Earth. We can tune into the character of each plant to use for healing or ritual work, with the Plant Deva acting as the Medium for the energy connection. In our case we will be working with a select few Plant Deva energies that will help to boost your mental and emotional wellbeing. Plant Devas can also greatly improve the quality of the energy in your home.
When we connect to the energies of the plants we care for, we may find ourselves suddenly thinking about watering them, re-potting them, moving them out of the sun, or feeding them. These little messages come from the Plant Devas. They can only do so much to help the plant when it is not growing in its natural environment; the rest is down to us. Those gardeners which are known for having “green fingers” communicate with the Plant Devas naturally, many unaware they are doing so. We can actively improve our connection with Plant Devas by providing them with a harmonious area to live.
You will be attuned to and receive a message from each of these Plant Devas: Peace Lilly, Cactus, Bamboo, Chinese Money Plant, Morning Glory, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Jasmine and Lavender

Rainbow Lotus Deva Chakra Energy £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

The Lotus flower is regarded in as a symbol of purity, perfection, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. All of these qualities are relevant to our lives which is why the Lotus has become such a powerful spiritual symbol. The flower also blooms in the most unlikely of places such as the muddy river water in Australia or Southern Asia. Not only does it find sanctuary in the dirt, but due to the waxy protection layer on its petals, its beauty is unaffected when it re-blooms each morning. It continues to resurrect itself, coming back just as beautiful as it was last seen.

This is a beautiful metaphor for us because even though our auric field becomes sullied by negative energies from our self limiting and destructive thoughts, emotions and actions, and in our interactions with others, our soul remains untainted, perfect in every way. No matter what we have experienced there is always the opportunity to begin again, we only need to have faith in ourselves.

This energy helps us to see the best in ourselves and to want the best for our body. As with anything else, energy healing only plays one part in the healing process. A revision of current lifestyle; diet, exercise, habits, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, self belief and love and gratitude all have their part to play to ensure the smooth running of our body.

Snowberry Deva Ancestral Healing Attunement £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

The Snowberry Deva is a master healer, purifier and transformer of the soul and can be called upon for ancestral work and healing, as well as soul retrieval. She helps us to get to the core of issues that have been long lost, forgotten, fragmented, or dissociated from. The roots of these are to be found in the depths of the subconscious mind, where they block our next breakthrough and our path to enlightenment.

Snowberry energy is wonderful for spiritual seekers who are dedicated to their quest for wholeness. It brings courage to excavate the roots of hidden problems and supports you as you steadfastly face and release them. She bestows spiritual inspiration, guidance, and direction for healing and wholeness helping to resolve problems, conflicts, or chronic issues that remained indecipherable.

Devas exist throughout all of nature as the architects of life. They are the unseen, other side of nature, responsible for keeping everything alive. By becoming more aware of the role that the devas play in our everyday lives, we not only heal on a physical level but also may discover that the strongest medicine lies in the ability to help us heal our hearts, our minds, and our spirits

To understand who we are, we must know where and who we come from. Ancestral healing is the process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. Anyone researching their heritage will uncover both positive and negative issues that pass through the bloodlines from one generation to the next. Once we understand the effects our family has had on our wellbeing, we can find ways to heal their influences and celebrate their legacy.

Sunflower Solar Plexus Revitalisation £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Whenever we experience fear, anxiety or worry, or suffer a shock of some kind we feel it in our solar plexus. This is often described as feeling as if we have been “kicked in the stomach”. This can affect your digestion causing stomach and digestion issues. It can also symbolise holding onto things that are too much for you to stomach. Blockages in the third chakra are often experienced through digestive issues like ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, and indigestion. It’s the chakra of our personal power. This means it’s related to our self-esteem and self-confidence.

The solar plexus is the seat of joy and generosity. Just like the sun, so magnanimous and powerful, it shines and radiates. With a balanced solar plexus chakra you also bring warmth and happiness all around. You feel so generous and giving and want to contribute and help others. The shadow of the solar plexus chakra is shame. Shame typically stems from our teen years, when we build our identity. As we explore and express who we are, the world around us provides positive feedback for the things we do well and subtly discourages us from pursuing our weaknesses.

Working with the Sunflower Deva will help you to attain steadfast loyalty and everlasting faith. She epitomises the very nature of optimism and happiness. The shape and the colour of the sunflower heads are symbolic of the sun. This flower Deva represents happiness, radiance and all things that are positive. In this way, sunflowers are perfect for happy occasions.  Rural practitioners of folk magic are known to have used an sunflower ointment that would help them see the Faerie folk. Sunflowers can be used for: Luck, Protection, Confidence, Sun magick, Fertility, Wishes, Faery magick, Joy, Courage, Friendship, Prosperity, Happiness.

Sweetgrass Protection & Positivity Energy £10
Founder: Raine Hilton

Sweetgrass is used in smudges, healing or talking circles because it has a powerful healing effect, it purifies thoughts, the environment and to eliminates disempowering or negative thoughts. Sweetgrass symbolises healing, peace, and spirituality. Many Native tribes use this sacred plant in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies. The smoke from burning sweetgrass is fanned on people, objects or areas. Individuals can smudge themselves with the smoke, washing the eyes, ears, heart and body.

When burned for healing or ritual purposes, the smoke from the braided sweetgrass attracts good spirits and positive energies. It purifies people’s auras, cleanse objects, and clear ceremonial areas or healing spaces of negative energy. Sweetgrass represents positivity, strength, connection to the Creator and all our relations. It represents our Mother Earth. It is our connection to the land, to what is around us; its smell honours our ancestors.

Many people are sensitive or allergic to smoky to atmospheres, have pets, not to mention having a houseful of smoke alarms which can make smudging undesirable. Working purely with The Oversoul of the Sweetgrass plant allows us to harness all of the benefits without any of the issues that smoke can cause.

This energy system aims to assist you in achieving the following:
  • Purify, heal and rebalance your auric field.
  • Purify and bless your Sacred Space with positive.
  • Create a harmonious energy frequency to energy welcome in beneficial Spirits and Guides

Temple Tree Flower Light Codes System £15
Founder: Raine Hilton
This Flower Light Codes System calibrates the exact vibrational frequency of energy needed to bring your mental and emotional states into a natural healthy alignment. We do this by channelling the Oversoul of the twin energy streams of the pink and white Temple Tree Flower and by working with the 5 petals representing the five qualities necessary for psychological perfection.

The Temple Tree flower is symbolic of the fragile human life out of which comes the fragrance of devotion that allows the soul to merge with the mysterious Essence of all life. The spiritual symbolism of India the Temple Tree flower has a special significance. The 5 petals are said to be represent five qualities necessary for psychological perfection: sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender.

Temple Tree Flower Spirit represents resilience, nurture, and beauty. While she is sweet, fragile, and generous, she is also self-healing, protecting, and regenerative. The sweetness of aroma reaches deeply into the amygdala, our brain’s processing centre, and fills it with tranquil, healing light. It works through our emotional scar tissue, restores our mental clarity and optimal brain functioning through examination and re-organisation of our memories, thoughts, and feelings about them.

This allows us to restore our old memories in a way that is helpful to us, so we can rewrite the stories we tell ourselves around these memories from a perspective of a mature experienced adult. We feel a deep relief, and let go, even if just a little more with each breath.

Twelve Healers & Birth Flower Light Codes System £20
Founder: Raine Hilton

Flower Light Codes System calibrates the exact dose of energy frequency you need to bring into alignment your natural birth trait. This is done by connecting to and channelling the oversoul of each of the “Twelve Healers” flower Deva essences and then activating your Birth Flower Light Code to run continuously in the background.

This is a two part attunement system which will flow into you in one session. The first part will attune you to all Twelve Healer Flower Light Codes, this will bring you balance and harmony and will familiarise you with the energies of each flower essence. This is also done so afterwards you can channel these energies for healing a client or attuning a student.

The second part of your session will bring in a stronger dose of your Birth Flower Light Code, this will flow through you and will bring to your awareness any particular issues you have regarding your Inherent Trait you need to work on and will help you to heal it.

The Twelve Healers of Dr Bach correspond to twelve types of personality. Each type has a quality to develop, and a negative emotional and mental tendency to overcome. He described the 12 types as the "twelve great lessons of life" and believed that each of us has to concentrate on one of these lessons in particular.

We each have a natural inherent trait we have incarnated with which resonates with our particular birth sign. It is believed that each time we incarnate we align ourselves with a different astrological sign to reveal a particular trait we need to work on karmically.

Channelling the etheric flower essences of the Bach Flower Remedies helps us to unlock the gifts that our particular inherent trait holds for us. We may look at these traits and see them as negative things to avoid at all costs but it is only when we dig beneath the surface that we can see that these are gifts and are helping us to learn more about ourselves. By doing this we aid our Soul’s growth and self expression.

As a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner I have worked with flower essences for many years. I have used them to heal and rebalance myself as well as my loved ones. We have all been amazed at how much they have helped us with our wellbeing issues.

White Sage Sacred Space Protection 

Founder: Raine Hilton
Using white sage is a powerful way of cleansing and protecting yourself as well as sanctifying your sacred space before initiating meditation, attunement or healing sessions. White sage facilitates your connection to the higher realms as it helps you to achieve higher states of consciousness and enhances your natural intuitive abilities. White sage removes energetic imprints caused by the negative energies of others as well as any past traumas or experiences which have taken place in your sacred space.

Smudging with White sage is a wonderful way to cleanse new spiritual tools before you use them. You can cleanse new crystals to heal them of any trauma they may have picked up on their way to you, It is also a great way to purify anything you have purchased second hand that you are bringing into your home to cleanse it of historic negative energy imprints.

For those who suffer with breathing issues such as asthma or bronchitis inhaling incense smoke can aggravate these conditions. Not to mention those with pets in the home, or oversensitive smoke alarms. As we have to deal with all these issues personally, I prefer to work with white sage by connecting to it in its purest form, at Oversoul level, and channelling it to use in my sacred space. I have had many students and clients asking how they can do this too, which has prompted me to create this simple energy system that anyone can use.

The White Sage Sacred Space Protection System aims to assist you in achieving the following:
  • Cleanse your auric field of negative energy and interference
  • Cleanse your chosen working area and define your Sacred Space
  • Provide a protective and tranquil environment for your spiritual work
  • Build and contain the energy you create and enhance your natural intuitive abilities, deepening your connection to the higher realms
This manual will teach you:
  • The benefits of White Sage
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Working with this energy

Willow Goddess Higo Reiki Blessings £20
Founder: Raine Hilton
The willow tree is a symbol of change, growth, and new beginnings. It is an evergreen tree that represents hope and healing. Willow trees are often found near water, which makes them a symbol of purification and cleansing.

Willow trees are often known as “Weeping Willows” and so people associate them with sadness. But tears can be a great way of releasing pain and sorrow and creating space within us in order for healing to take place. This system is perfect for anyone who needs to get in touch with and release pain and sadness from grief or loss of any kind. Higo the Willow Goddess cleanses away the mental and emotional imprints held within your etheric bodies to bring you hope, openness, light and new beginnings.

The Willow tree is a symbol of fertility and new life, a willow branch can be planted in the ground and from it a new tree will grow in its place. Its ability to grow and survive is powerfully symbolic and shows how we can thrive even in challenging conditions.

Higo the Willow Tree Goddess, also known as the Willow Wife, reminds us to let go and to surrender completely to our innermost selves, and, to gain a deeper understanding of our subconscious. When we connect to her through this energy system we open up channels to deep and profound healing for ourselves and for others.