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Lightworker First Aid

As a fellow healer and lightworker, are you guilty of neglecting your own spiritual health and well-being?

I know over the years I have been. 
Too often we focus exclusively on others and in the process, our own Lightbody becomes overwhelmed by the energies of others, especially if you are an empath. It is all too easy to try to serve others from an empty vessel, but at the end of the day, we can only give our best when we take good care of ourselves.
Self-care is not Selfish it is Survival!

With this in mind, I have developed this beautiful, nurturing healing session, carefully choosing attunement energy systems to target specific issues relating to the work we do as healers and lightworkers. I like to think of this session as the Healers’ Healing session. 
Your 1-hour session will comprise of a one card insight and guidance reading and an aura cleanse and infusion of our Super Seven Systems:
1. White Sage Sacred Space Protection is always my go-to system for protecting myself, my student and my sacred space. Using white sage is a powerful way of cleansing and protecting as well as sanctifying our sacred space before initiating your healing session. White sage facilitates our connection to the higher realms as it helps us to achieve higher states of consciousness and enhances our natural intuitive abilities. White sage removes energetic imprints caused by the negative energies of others as well as any past traumas or experiences.

2. I begin your healing with a deep aura cleanse and repair using our Aqua Aura Flush system. This energy system will powerfully cleanse your whole auric field using the twin Aqua and Gold Rays held within the high vibrational crystalline structure of the Aqua Aura crystal. The Aqua Ray will cleanse, refresh and revitalise, dispersing negative energy blockages, while the Gold Ray will strengthen the individual layers of your aura making it more resilient in future and attracting positivity and abundance to you.

3. We will then move on to the Attunement Lineage Cleanse Filer & Protection energy. Even with the best of intentions an attunement system can become corrupted and pick up negative energy, or even become “hacked” by negative entities as the energy is transferred from student to student.

4. Archangels love to help us develop our natural spiritual abilities for this we will be working with the Archangel Haniel Intuitive Gifts Energy: There may be a particular spiritual ability you wish to develop, or perhaps you need help discovering just what your abilities are. Fear often prevents us from exploring this aspect of ourselves, Haniel can help you to overcome this and joyfully embrace what is yours by divine right and to use your intuitive gifts wisely. Our spiritual gifts can be described as falling within the range of Clairsenses. These super heightened senses represent our special ability to see, hear, feel, sense, smell, taste, or know spirit.

5. Empath Care is our next energy; Empathy in its basic state is an awareness of the feelings and emotions of those around us. It forms an important aspect of emotional awareness and becomes the bond we share between ourselves and others. As individuals, we understand what others are experiencing as if we were feeling it ourselves. When we look at this from a spiritual/energetic perspective there is much more going on beneath the surface than first appears. Empaths are natural nurturers, they are good listeners, and have the intuitive ability to able to see beneath the surface of what is really happening. This allows them to initiate awareness, healing and release at a very deep cellular level for others.
Empaths are highly sensitive to the energies of others and their environment; we feel everything on a deeply emotional level, sometimes too much so. Quite often our own emotions can become muddled with the ones of those around us. This can cause confusion, panic, uncertainty, mood swings and a feeling of ‘emotional overload’ without knowing why as we have no reference point for feeling this way.

6. Energy Signature Protection is another area we need to be aware of as healers and lightworkers. Even from before we incarnate into our human body we each have a unique energy signature. In the higher realms we are easily recognised by this and naturally, draw others to us of a similar vibrational frequency. We do this to a certain degree too in our physical life. We know who we feel happy and comfortable around, as much as we know who makes us feel fearful, unhappy or exhausted.

As therapists, there are many times when we are called on to help those afflicted with attachments and ailments associated with negative beings from the dark side. It is important to clean up and protect our own energy signature and that of our clients after the situation has been dealt with. Removing an entity from another person and sending it to the light is not always the end of it. If all of the energy signatures are not removed at the time, other negative beings see this combination of frequencies as a beacon of light and can quickly and easily find their way back to your client and to you too. This is not the kind of work you want to bring back home with you!

Over time this can weaken your own energy field, damaging your health and wellbeing, and also cause you to be prone to regular negative attacks. This can then cause you to become a channel for the entities to work through and get to others. If you are someone who channels attunement energies then this can become encoded in your systems allowing them access to your students.

7. Being grounded is another very important aspect of working with high vibrational energies. Gaia Grounding Energy System will end your healing session by strengthening your connection to the Earth (Gaia) aiding you in releasing negative energy build-up as well as improving and revitalising your overall health and wellbeing. If you often feel drained and exhausted or have little enthusiasm for life you may be suffering from energy leakage through weak aspects or holes in your auric field.

Being ungrounded can cause conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression; feeling like life is spiralling out of control. In a physical sense, this can cause fluid retention and painful joints as we are unable to energetically detoxify our bodies. For those of us who work with some of the higher vibrational frequency energy systems, this can cause a feeling of being disconnected from the here and now, struggling to integrate the sense of self back into daily life.
When we are healthily grounded we have a much stronger sense of our self, we can easily and practically resolve any issues that arise. This is because when we are truly present in the moment, we are expressing our spirituality through our physicality rather than seeing this as two separate identities we need to juggle time for.

You May Need This Session If:
1. You ask yourself if you have lost your way in your spiritual work
2. You feel overwhelmed by the thoughts and emotions of others and struggle to discern them from your own.
3. You forget to administer regular Self Care and instead focus all your time and energy on others.
4. You feel drained and emotional after being around others or working with clients.
5. You begin to exhibit similar issues or feel affected by the clients you have been working within a spiritual capacity.
6. You struggle to set and maintain clear boundaries around other people.
7. You have lost your connection to your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides, and feel as if you are just drifting spiritually.
8. You are struggling to activate and work with your natural psychic abilities.
9. You struggle to remain impartial as The Observer and find yourself drawn into dramas.
10. You owe it to yourself to honour and use your natural gifts and abilities to enhance your life as well as others.

This includes full email feedback after your session
All feedback will be sent by email as a Word Document so we both have a permanent record of what has happened to refer back to if needed. During your session, I will enter into a deep trance meditation and journey into the astral realms so I will not be able to communicate with you vocally. For this reason, I do not use the phone or Skype as it would keep pulling me back into this world and weakening the connection between our higher self aspects.

Please note: Appointments cannot be secured until I have received all relevant information for your session and payment in full

Individual session £45

Book 4 or more sessions and save 15%